Room3327, Inc.

Embedded software development

What we’ve done

OTT set top boxAndroidTV OS ROM Support Broadcom ARMJava, C, C++Android
Beverage Distribution SystemAndroid OS ROM Support and Arduino IntegrationRK3288Java, C, C++Android
HVAC ControllerWrote the control software and UIQC MSM8909JavaAndroid
Connected SensorIntegrated new cellular module and support of 4G integrationSilicon Labs EFM32GGCBare Metal
Medication dispenserWrote interface software to the medicine drawer controllerRaspberry PiJava, CLinux
Wireless Street Light ControllerWrote system software for a Zigbee based street light controllerTI MSP430, DIGI XBeeCBare Metal
Bio-medical DeviceWrote the EtherCAT slave device softwareNXP K66C/C++FreeRTOS
Bio-medical DeviceWrote the HMI and PLC for control and data visualizationiCore7Structured TextWindows, TwinCAT
OpenWRT routerR&D of station-to-station WiFi and cellular modem integrationARMCOpenWRT
Object Collision Avoidance SystemWrote the system software for a Object Collision Avoidance SystemIntel x86C++, PCL, VTKLinux, Windows
Retrieval SystemSystem software for a camera-based retrieval system for pipelinesNXP LPC1549CLPCOpen
Helicopter Vibration SystemSystem software for a CANBus based blade stabilization systemTI MSP430CBare Metal