Room3327, Inc.

Embedded software development

What we’ve done

Project Description Chipsets Languages OS
Retrieval System System software for a camera based retrieval system for pipelines NXP LPC1549 C LPCOpen
Helicopter Vibration System System software for a CANBus based blade stabilization system TI MSP430 C Bare Metal
Satellite TV set top box Feature addition and issue support for shipping satellite TV STBs Broadcom ARM Java, C, C++ Linux
Connected Sensor Integrated new cellular module and support of 4G integration Silicon Labs EFM32GG C Bare Metal
OTT set top box AndroidTV OS ROM Support Broadcom ARM Java, C, C++ Android
Beverage Distribution System Android OS ROM Support and Arduino Integration RK3288 Java, C, C++ Android
Medication dispenser Wrote interface software to the medicine drawer controller Raspberry Pi Java, C Linux
Wireless Street Light Controller Wrote system software for a Zigbee based street light controller TI MSP430, DIGI XBee C Bare Metal
Medical Device Wrote custom RS485 communication protocol ATMEL C/C++ Bare Metal
HVAC Controller Wrote the control software and UI QC MSM8909 Java Android
Object Collision Avoidance System Wrote the system software for a prototype Object Collision Avoidance System Intel x86 C++, PCL, VTK Linux, Windows