Room3327, Inc.

Embedded software development

Meet the team

Jim Condon is a technology tinkerer with over 25 years of embedded development and system architecture experience. He’s worked on projects as diverse as torpedo guidance systems, streaming media for private jets and Android TV. He founded Room3327 in 2014 to create a place where he could do the work he enjoys with smart motivated people he enjoys for as long as he can.

Rob Behe is a software developer with over 20 years of embedded system development and digital video experience. His video experience spans ATSC, Digital Theatre, DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite TV, and streaming mobile apps. Most recently he has been developing EtherCAT SSC firmware and TwinCAT 3 PLC control software.

Art Shipkowski is a crunchy Linux guy with over 20 years of embedded experience. He’s produced patches for the Linux kernel and u-boot, and does a fair bit of C and C++ coding, but also breaks out Python and shell scripting when it’s warranted. Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, he also enjoys coding in node.js.

Jon Smith is a software engineer with over 18 years of experience in a diverse range of technologies and domains. His domains of experience range from video encoding/streaming, and home automation to GIS, and UAV video payload processing. While he has a lot more experience writing code in Java, C/C++, and JavaScript, he also loves coding in Scratch with his kids.

Jacki Condon, who initially broke our three-letter first name trend, is the VP of Miscellaneous Stuff. She handles the accounting, payroll, planning travel, catering company parties and anything else that needs to get done, including tasty food for company meetings.