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Welcome to year 4 —

So it’s been four years, and our first post seems as fresh as ever… or maybe not.

Things have changed in the four years. Our team has grown to 5 full-time employees. We’ve extended our team with great contractors like Max Tower and Eric Montellese. We’ve added a partners for hardware design: Warlowe LLC and mechanical design: Integral Concepts.

During this time we’ve worked on fun projects from set-top boxes, Android embedded devices, medical devices and even LIDAR applications.

It’s been a fun ride. The only thing that hasn’t seemed to change has been our blog. With that being said, this post is going to be the end of that. Going forward, we’ll be posting about things we’ve done, found out and discovered while we work on our projects. Hopefully you’ll enjoy following along with us, and to quote Fat Albert, “Maybe you’ll learn something.” I know we have.

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